Hello, friends!

It has been almost six years since I released my last book, The Divided. Life became messy and I was unable to make time to write and instead focused on getting my life together and being a good mom to my kids. Then I met the most wonderful person who encouraged me to make time to write again. So I did. And I was finally able to sit down and write the book I’ve been wanting to write for so long, Ingress.

Today is my official cover reveal!

Surrounded by flames and turmoil, David can’t remember how he ended up in the unfamiliar town of Ingress. While his heart is eager to find a way back home, he can’t help but intercede when he sees a young orphaned child in need of help.

Welcomed by a broken community, David becomes Ender—the unlikely leader who teaches his new people how to survive in the wilderness after losing everything. Together, they work to rebuild Ingress while Ender builds a life better than the one he left behind.

But it all could be for nothing if anyone discovers Ender’s secret.

Discover the truth behind Ingress in this mesmerizing prequel to The Divided.